Discover curated workshops organized by student clubs and faculty, and acquire the fundamental skills necessary for your StartUp journey.

Upcoming Workshops

Workshops in the next few days

Adobe Express Presents: "Branding Identity Workshop"

Students have the unique opportunity to create a full brand identity in an intuitive and fast-paced workshop.

The Shed, Room TBD
Tues, Jan 23 5:00pm-7:30PM

Past Workshops

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SCAD StartUp Presents: "Harnessing AI in StartUp"

An open session for StartUp participants to seek Rhino 3D or Keyshot help for their respective StartUp projects.Join us to discover how to integrate AI into your ideation and research processes, striking a balance between innovation and ethics, while nurturing originality in your StartUp journey.

SCAD MOA Auditorium
fri, Jan 19 5:30pm-6:30PM

SCAD IRC Presents: "Gravity Sketch Help Session"

An open session for StartUp participants to seek Gravity Sketch help for their respective StartUp projects.

The Shed Room 203
sun, Jan 21 11:00am-12:00PM

SCAD IDSA Presents: "Rhino 3D and Keyshot Help Session"

An open session for StartUp participants to seek Rhino 3D or Keyshot help for their respective StartUp projects.

SCAD FLUX Presents: "Figma Help Session"  

An open session for StartUp participants to seek Figma help for their respective StartUp projects

SCAD SDN Presents: "Blueprint for StartUp Excellence: Crafting Your Business Model"

Craft a robust business plan to sustain and grow your StartUp project, exploring various business models that align with your goals and market dynamics.

SCAD NEXSUS Presents: "Sustainability and Social Impact: Building Responsible Startups"

Learn how to create a StartUp project that makes a positive difference in the world. Gain insights into sustainable business practices and strategies to maximize your social impact while growing your venture.

SCAD StartUp Presents: "Research: Mastering the Art of Empathizing"

Dive deep into the world of research! Learn how to empathize with your users and gather user data to ensure your StartUp project meets real-world needs.

SCAD StartUp Presents: "From Concept to Creation: Ideation Techniques"

Explore brainstorming and ideation techniques to generate innovative StartUp ideas. Learn how to foster creativity and refine your concepts into actionable business plans.

SCAD FLUX Presents: "Crafting Intuitive Digital Interfaces: Introduction to Figma"

Learn how to create your first UI design with this hands-on workshop. Use Figma and design systems to create stunning app interfaces that offer seamless user experiences, setting your StartUp project apart.

SCAD IDSA Presents: "Bringing Ideas to Life: Introduction to Rhino 3D and Keyshot"

Transform your StartUp concepts into tangible prototypes using cutting-edge software. Learn Rhino 3D and Keyshot to create realistic product designs that can attract people and investors alike.

SCAD IRC Presents: "Immersive Innovation: Introduction to AR/VR Prototyping"

Explore the world of virtual reality (VR) and discover how it can revolutionize your StartUp project. Use Gravity Sketch to build immersive prototypes that bring your ideas to life in three dimensions.

SCAD UXD Presents: "Designing Experiences"

Learn the fundamental principles of Design Thinking essential for creating products that people love. Understand how to conduct research, ideate solutions, create prototypes, and plan your StartUp week!