Need to know more about StartUp? Learn more about the deliverables, and requirements of the competition below. Still confused? DM @scadstartup on instagram!


part 1 / BEfore expo

Informational Poster

11x17in or 24x36in

Visual representations of the projects - think multiple thumbnails and one informational poster

(Optional) Vision Video
30 - 60 seconds, H.264, 1920px x 1080px — for Reels

An optional video for the shot at a highlight video prize!

Executive Summary


This includes principles of the business strategy, its primary customers, and stakeholders.



This will solidify the visuals of students’ projects to ensure nothing changes after the EXPO


part 2 / BEfore SEMI FINALS

5 Minute Pitch Deck


Pitch where we encourage storytelling and business principles into the students’ projects.If you want to present on Canva / Figma, provide us the link with the PDF version.

Optional) Finalized Vision Video

An optional video for the shot at a highlight video prize!

Artificial Intelligence Integrity Report


How teams utilized AI in the process, not a judging metric, but a metric for our team on how we incorporate AI into the next StartUp

Team Requirements

Information regarding teams

Up to 5 people, any major!

We recommend to have more than 1 major in a team for the optimal skillset!

Judging Rubric

information regarding the judging aspect

Access the Judging Rubric

Want to know how your project will stack up? Check the sheet the judges will show!

Mentor Information

How mentors work and quick links

Student relations pairs each student team to a mentor.

The student team and mentor will receive each others contact information and can arrange the meet up times to their convenience.