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Why StartUp?

Everyone Welcome.

Creating elements and structure

At the core, this week-long business competition is for people who know nothing about business, no experience required.

Unbelievable Prizes.

Making sticky cards

The biggest prizes in SCAD student competition history are made here, every single year.

Expand Your Skillset.

Create layering effects for stacked cards

Learn from your peers and the best practices of your industry. Pick up your next resume-building skill here.

Kickstart Your Network.

Enhancing layering effect with interaction

StartUp pairs you with industry-professional mentors and sets you up to pitch to industry leaders.

StartUp Days

Day 1
Day 3
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10

Friday - January 28


SAV / SCAD MoA • ATL / DMC Theatre

3:00 PM

Hidden from view,
I know you'll be here too.


Theme Reveal
Deliverables & Deadlines
Mentor Assignments

Key Dates

Friday - January 19


SAV / SCAD MoA • ATL / Training Rooms 256-257

3:00 PM

At Kickoff meet your team, prepare your notes, and launch your exploration as we reveal the theme and key competition details!


Theme Reveal
Deliverables & Deadlines
Mentor Assignments

Monday - January 22

Project Check-In


Meet with your mentor and check in! Test your pitches and practice your presentations.


Mentor Meetings
Check-in Completion
Form Feedback

Friday - January 26

StartUp Expo

Released @ Kickoff

2:00 PM

This key event is a brand new opportunity to showcase your project in-person to judges, mentors, and industry guests! Bring your A-GAME.


Industry Visits
Quick Pitches
Portfolio Reviews

Saturday - January 27

Educating & Technology

SAV / SCAD MoA Theatre

1:30 PM

Featuring Guests from Phoebe Putney, Lenovo Experience Group, Rocket Mortgage, Adobe, and more; listen in on professionals discuss technology’s role in education and training, and ask questions to guide your professional growth.


Q&A Session
Judge Panel

Saturday - January 27

Semi Finals


11:00 AM

Pitch your project to industry professionals through a unique hybrid experience. Bring your whole team, ready to go!


Formal Pitches
Judge Feedback
Fan Favorite Voting

Sunday - January 28


SAV / SCAD MoA • ATL / DMC Theatre

11:00 AM

You never know who will win it all! Come watch the winning pitches for the chance at a prize like no other.


Final Pitches
Live Feedback
Award Ceremony

SCAD StartUp Presents: “Harnessing AI in StartUp”

Join us to discover how to integrate AI into your ideation and research processes, striking a balance between innovation and ethics, while nurturing originality in your StartUp journey.

SCAD MoA, Auditorium
FRi, Jan 19 - 5:30 PM

SCAD SDN Presents: "Blueprint for StartUp Excellence: Crafting Your Business Model”

Craft a robust business plan to sustain and grow your StartUp project, exploring various business models that align with your goals and market dynamics.

Herstand Hall, Rm 102
Sat, Jan 20 - 11:00 aM

SCAD NEXSUS Presents: "Sustainability and Social Impact: Building Responsible Startups”

Learn how to create a StartUp project that makes a positive difference in the world.

Herstand Hall, Rm 102
Mon, Jan 15 - 5:30 PM
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Upcoming Workshop Highlights

More workshops announcing soon!

Got Questions?

Who won last year?

Check past year's competiton via our Playbook!

How are teams decided?

You can choose your own team or group to an existing team - from 1-5 people per team, from any major!

How can I get involved?

Sign Up this year and learn how the competition runs, and join us in the future of StartUp

Is this event for me?

If you’re a passionate designer, seeking a chance to prove yourself to industry professionals... we want you!

Is it free?

Completely free — you may even receive free merch if you make it through the competition!

Made for students, by students

For the past 10 years, StartUp has been driven by students from all majors, and all disciplines. Our team is ever expanding, thanks to the support of our partners and leaders.